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   Resources for Parents and Teachers

   The Basic Facts Drill Book for Addition and Subtraction Sample Pages
   The Basic Facts Drill Book for Multiplication and Division Sample Pages
   Basic Fraction Kit Pages
   Dice Idea Book
   Foam Cube Ideas
   Improper Fraction Kit Pages
   Step-by-Step Grammar Vol. I: Basic Grammar Sample Pages
   Step-by-Step Grammar Vol. II: Basic Usage Sample Pages
   Step-by-Step Math: Addition and Subtraction Facts Sample Pages
   Step-by-Step Math: Multiplication and Division Facts Sample Pages
   Summer Book 1 End of Book Test
   Summer Book 1 Sample Pages
   Summer Book 2 End of Book Test
   Summer Book 2 Sample Pages
   Summer Book 3 End of Book Test
   Summer Book 3 Sample Pages
   Summer Book 4 End of Book Test
   Summer Book 4 Sample Pages
   Summer Book 5 End of Book Test
   Summer Book 5 Sample Pages
   Summer Book 6 End of Book Test
   Summer Book 6 Sample Pages
   Summer Book 7 End of Book Test
   Summer Book 7 Sample Pages
   Summer Book 8 End of Book Test
   Summer Book 8 Sample Pages
   Summer Book K End of Book Test
   Summer Book K Sample Pages
   Summer Book 2 End of Book Test
   Summerbook Reader 1 Sample Pages
   Summerbook Readers Worksheets Sample Pages


   Bargain Bundles
         Bargain Bundles Index
         9th Grade Bundle
         Addition and Subtraction Bundle
         Decimal Bundle
         Fraction Bundle
         Multiplication and Division Bundle
         Summer Book K Math Bundle
         Summer Book K Reading Bundle
         Summer Book 1 Math Bundle
         Summer Book 1 Reading Bundle
         Summer Book 2 Math Bundle
         Summer Book 2 Reading Bundle
         Summer Book 3 Math Bundle
         Summer Book 3 Reading Bundle
         Summer Book 4 Math Bundle
         Summer Book 4 Reading Bundle
         Summer Book 5 Math Bundle
         Summer Book 5 Reading Bundle
         Summer Book 6 Math Bundle
         Summer Book 6 Reading Bundle
         Summer Book 7 Math Bundle
         Summer Book 7 Reading Bundle
         Summer Book 8 Math Bundle
         Summer Book 8 Reading Bundle
         Telling Time Bundle

         Clearance Index
         Bible Stories for Early Readers
         Bird Watcher
         The Birkenhead Drill
         Daily Mind Builders: Language Arts
         Destination Moon
         Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Prehistoric
         From...To Set of 5 Books
         George Washington Carver: From Slave To Scientist
         Grandma's Attic Novels
         In Grandma's Attic
         The Land Beyond the Setting Sun
         Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Storybook Life
         The Legend of the Teddy Bear
         Let's Review: Physics, The Physical Setting
         Our Flag Was Still There
         Questions and Answers: Transportation
         Summer Book 1
         Summer Book 2
         Summer Book 5
         Summer Book 6
         Summer Book 7
         Summer Book 8
         Treasures from Grandma
         To Train Up a Child
         Unfading Beauty
         Visual Mind Benders
         Word Benders
         Word Wise: Core Disciplines
         Wordoku: Animals
         Wordoku: U.S. History

   Dice - Individual
         Individual Dice
         0 to 5 Dice
         0 to 9 Dice
         0 to 9 Large Double Dice
         1 to 2 Dice
         1 to 3 Dice
         1 to 10 Dice
         1 to 10 Words
         1 to 12 Dice
         1 to 12 Large Double Dice
         1 to 20 Words
         3 in a Cube
         3 Parts of Speech Dice
         6 Parts of Speech Dice
         Addition and Subtraction Dice
         Algebra Dice
         Almost One Dice
         Alphabet Dice
         Binary Dice
         Blank Foam Dice
         Colored Shapes Dice
         Color Words Dice
         Compass Dice
         Decimal Dice
         Dinosaur Dice
         Eighth Dice
         English Capacity Dice
         English Length Dice
         English Weight Dice
         Four Function Dice
         Interrogative Dice
         Metric Distance Dice
         Metric Volume Dice
         Metric Weight Dice
         Money Dice
         Months of the Year Dice
         Multiplication and Division Dice
         Multiplication Number Dice
         Negative Even Dice
         Negative Odd Dice
         One over Dice
         Place Value Words
         Pronoun Dice
         Roman Numeral Dice #1
         Roman Numeral Dice #2
         Shape Words Dice
         Sign Language Dice
         Six Function Dice #1
         Six Function Dice #2
         Sixth Dice
         Spanish 1 to 10 Dice
         Spanish Adjectives
         Spanish Color Words
         Spanish Question Words
         Spanish Shape Words
         Subtraction Number Dice
         Tenth Dice
         Train Dice
         Triangle Words Dice

   Dice - Sets & Games
         Dice Sets and Games
         Basic Addition and Subtraction Set
         Basic Multiplication Set
         Brain Bender 1
         Brain Bender 2
         Brain Bender 3
         Crossword Dice Game
         Dinosaur Dodge
         Double Dice
         Fraction Pack
         Fraction Pack, Super
         Intermediate Math Set
         Intermediate Multiplication Set
         Left, Center, Right
         Letter Grab
         Lower Elementary Dice Pack
         Place Value, Whole Numbers
         Place Value, Whole Numbers and Decimals
         Platonic Solids
         Roll a Rainbow
         Sign of Money
         Train Time
         Upper Elementary Dice Pack

         English Index
         English Dice Index
         English Games Index

         English 1
         Language Arts Foundations 2
         Got Grammar
         Link Winks
         Scrambled Word Building Activity Book
         Step-by-Step Grammar Vol. I: Basic Grammar
         Grammar Study Cards
         Step-by-Step Grammar Vol. II: Basic Usage
         Word Roots: Level 1
         Word Roots: A2
         Word Roots: B1
         Word Roots: Beginning
         Writing 3
         Writing 4
         Writing 5

         Games Index
         Albert's Insomnia
         MathSmart: Addition
         MathSmart: Multiplication
         MathSmart: Subtraction
         Quiddler Junior
         Smart ABC

   Magnetic Items
         Magnetic Items Index
         Magnetic Board
         Magnetic Uppercase Letters
         Magnetic Lowercase Letters
         Magnetic Numbers

         Math Index
         Math Dice Index
         Math Games Index

         Math Manipulatives Index
         Algebra I Practice
         Algebra I Resource Book
         Algebra II Resource Book
         The Algebra Teacher's Activity-a-Day
         Algebra Test Prep and Review
         Balance Math & More! - Level 1
         Balance Math & More! - Level 2
         Balance Math & More! - Level 3
         Balance Math Teaches Algebra
         The Basic Facts Drill Book for Addition and Subtraction
         The Basic Facts Drill Book for Multiplication and Division
         Coin Clues: Level A
         Coin Clues: Level B
         Coin Clues: Making Change
         Decimal Destinations
         Delightful Decimals and Perfect Percents
         Extreme Dot-to-Dot Stickers: Book 1
         Fraction Finders
         Math Workbook K
         Math Workbook 2
         Math Connection 4
         Math Connection 5
         Math Connection 6
         Mixed Skills in Math
         Painless Algebra
         Painless Geometry
         Pre-Algebra Skills Practice
         Pre-Algebra & Algebra I Using Algebra Models
         Quick Thinks Math
         Real World Math
         Step-by-Step Math: Addition and Subtraction Facts
         Step-by-Step Math: Counting 0-10
         Step-by-Step Math: Multiplication and Division Facts
         Step-by-Step Math: Telling Time
         Whole Numbers to Percents: Level C

         Miscellaneous Index
         4" Geared Clock
         Basic Fraction Kit (Foam)
         Improper Fraction Kit (Foam)
         Set of Six Clocks
         Stetro Pencil Grips

         Phonics Index
         Reading Through Spelling
         Supplementary Phonics Notes
         Phonics K
         Phonics 1
         Phonics 2

         Reading Index
         Nonfiction Reading Comprehension 1
         Nonfiction Reading Comprehension 2
         Nonfiction Reading Comprehension 3
         Nonfiction Reading Comprehension 4
         Nonfiction Reading Comprehension 5
         Nonfiction Reading Comprehension 6
         Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Resource Book
         Reading Comprehension K
         Reading Comprehension 1
         Reading Comprehension 2
         Reading Comprehension 3
         Reading Comprehension 4
         Reading Comprehension 5
         Reading Comprehension 6
         Reading Comprehension and Skills 5
         Reading Comprehension and Skills 6
         Strategies that Work: Comprehension Practice
         Summerbook Readers

         Science Index
         Advanced All-Purpose Thermometer
         AT Voltaic Cell Experiment Kit
         Basic Mineral Test Kit
         Biped Walking Robot Kit
         Cyclone Plastic Bottle Vacuum Cleaner
         Electromotor Model
         Energy Force Racer
         General Fossil Collection
         General Rock and Mineral Collection
         Geology Field Trip in a Bag
         Hand Crank Power Generator
         Hardness Kit
         Introduction to Rocks and Minerals Collection
         LED Light Source Devices
         "Magic" Rocks
         Magnet Set
         Microscope with Light Kit
         Miniature Bulb Basic Experiment Kit Set
         Obstacle Avoiding Robot
         Optical Block Set
         Pendulum Experiment Equipment Kit
         Newton/Metric Spring Scale 2.5N/250g
         Newton/Metric Spring Scale 5N/500g
         Newton/Metric Spring Scale 10N/1000g
         Solar Car
         Solar Cell
         Sun Observation Glass

         Skills for Success: Spanish

   Summer Books
         Summer Books Index
         Summer Book 1
         Summer Book 2
         Summer Book 3
         Summer Book 4
         Summer Book 5
         Summer Book 6
         Summer Book 7
         Summer Book 8
         Summer Book K

   Super Packs
         Super Packs Index
         Super Pack 1 (Math)
         Super Pack 1 (Reading)
         Super Pack 1 (Thinking Skills)
         Super Pack 2 (Math)
         Super Pack 2 (Reading)
         Super Pack 2 (Thinking Skills)
         Super Pack 3 (Math)
         Super Pack 3 (Reading)
         Super Pack 3 (Thinking Skills)
         Super Pack 4 (Math)
         Super Pack 4 (Reading)
         Super Pack 4 (Thinking Skills)
         Super Pack 5 (Math)
         Super Pack 5 (Reading)
         Super Pack 5 (Thinking Skills)
         Super Pack 6 (Math)
         Super Pack 6 (Reading)
         Super Pack 7 (Math)
         Super Pack 7 (Reading)
         Super Pack 8 (Math)
         Super Pack 8 (Reading)
         Super Pack 8 (Thinking Skills)
         Super Pack K (Reading)
         Super Pack K (Reading)
         Super Pack K (Thinking Skills)

   Thinking Skills
         Thinking Skills Index
         Analogies Crosswords: Level A
         Analogies Crosswords: Level B
         Analogies Crosswords: Level C
         Analogies Crosswords: Level D
         Building Thinking Skills 1
         Building Thinking Skills 2
         Building Thinking Skills 3: Figural
         Building Thinking Skills 3: Verbal
         Creative Thinking Puzzlers: A1
         Creative Thinking Puzzlers: C1
         Directive Detective
         Logic Links: Level C
         Mind Benders A1
         Mind Benders B1
         Mind Benders: Beg. Book 1
         Mind Benders: Beg. Book 2
         More Perplexors C
         Ready to Test 3
         Ready to Test 4
         Ready to Test 5
         Ready to Test 6
         Think-A-Minutes: A1
         Think-A-Minutes: A2
         Think-A-Minutes: B1
         Think-A-Minutes: B2
         Think-A-Minutes: C1
         Thinking Skills 4
         Thinking Skills 6
         Thinker Doodles: Beg. Clues and Choose
         Thinker Doodles: Clues and Choose A1
         Twist and Turn Intellectual Training Puzzle



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