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Lowercase Magnetic Letters

In this alphabet only the vowels are red. The "b" and "d" are also different colors to help avoid confusion. The color of each lowercase letter matches the color of the uppercase letter. The top layer is a rubbery foam, and the bottom layer is magnetic.      Suggested grade(s): PreK+
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Smart ABC

Smart ABC introduces letter recognition to the beginning reader as simple flash cards, while spelling and vocabulary skills are improved for the more advanced reader with 8 fun-filled learning games.     Suggested grade(s): PreK+
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Scrambled Word Building Activity Book

Help first graders practice spelling and decoding. Students must unscramble letters to build as many words as possible as they reinforce alphabetical order and initial consonants skills. Every activity includes a special challenge exercise.     Suggested grade(s): 1
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Letter Grab

Roll the dice, add the letters to the playing field and start making words!. This game is great for beginning spellers. More advanced spellers will enjoy strategically using letters to create difficulties for their opponents. A quick, quiet game for two players.     Suggested grade(s): 1+
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Quiddler Junior

Quiddler Junior is a great word game for early readers and word masters alike. It's easy to learn and fun for the whole family. Each card contains a short word and colorful illustration making it fun and easy to play and learn.     Suggested grade(s): 1 - 4
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Quiddler is a beautiful word game with naturally smooth gameplay. Quiddler draws on one's ability to combine letters into words. A bonus is given for both the longest word and the most words made by a player in each round.     Suggested grade(s): 1+
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Crossword Dice Game

On each turn, the player rolls all seven cubes and attempts to use as many cubes as possible to spell a single word or several words that are connected to each other horizontally or vertically.     Suggested grade(s): 2+
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