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Science kits provide students with everything necessary to conduct experiments or build models in order to demonstrate scientific principles.

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Magnet Set

Study the properties of magnets with this educational and fun kit.   Comes with a storage case for the magnets.     Suggested grade(s): 3-6
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Energy Force Racer with hand-crank power generator

Experiment with power generation, energy storage and energy conversion with this educational and entertaining car kit. Kit includes a miniature bulb module, light-emitting diode module, an electronic buzzer module, a motor module, and a hand crank generator.     Suggested grade(s): 3-7
Price $9.75
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Biped Walking Robot Kit

Learn about pulleys, motors, and robotics by building your own walking robot. This robot walks by alternately moving its right and left legs. Suggested ages are 8-13. Requires adult supervision for construction. Uses one AA battery.       Suggested grade(s): 3-8
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“Build-It-Yourself” hovercraft floats on a cushion of air while gliding forward!  Lots of fun to build and play! Learn the concepts of friction, air pressure, motors, and electricity!     Suggested grade(s): 3-8
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Microscope with Light Kit

Learn how a microscope works by building your own. The completed microscope has 40X magnification and has a built-in LED light source. This kit is suggested for ages 8-13 and requires adult supervision for construction.     Suggested grade(s): 3-8
Price $7.15
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Miniature Bulb Basic Experiment Kit

Study circuits and electrical conductivity by building your own conductivity tester. The clasps attach to the battery holder or may be disconnected. The clasps can also be made into a simple switch. Uses 1 D battery (not included).      Suggested grade(s): 3-8
Price $3.50
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Sound Collector Kit

This sound collector kit is an educational kit that will teach your students and children about how sound travels and sound waves.     Suggested grade(s): 3+
Price $8.99
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Pendulum Experiment Equipment Kit

Perform pendulum experiments with great accuracy with this inexpensive but detailed pendulum kit. This kit allows you to conveniently change the variables of angle, mass, or length.   Warning: Contains small parts, which may be a choking hazard for small children.     Suggested grade(s): 5 - 9
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Solar Car Basic Experiment Kit

Learn about parallel and series circuits, and action/reaction principles by constructing and experimenting with this car. requires 2 AA batteries which are sold separately.Warning: Small parts may be a choking hazard for children 3 years old and younger.      Suggested grade(s): 5 - 9
Price $4.99
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AT Voltaic Cell Experiment Kit

Create a voltaic cell with this kit. Add orange juice or another electrolyte to produce electricity, which can be detected with the sound device. Warning: Small parts may be a choking hazard for children 3 years old and under. Adult supervision is required.     Suggested grade(s): 6 - 12
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