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Rocks and Minerals

These basic rock kits allow students to examine rocks and experiment upon them.

Rocks and Minerals


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"Magic" Rocks

These three rocks have unusual properties that can make them appear magical. Dolomite, pumice, and magnetite can be enjoyed again and again.       Suggested grade(s): 3+
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Geology Field Trip in a Bag

This exciting educational collection is designed to give you the thrill of finding and identifying your very own treasures. This is a great classroom or home learning kit.      Suggested grade(s): 4+
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Basic Invertebrate Kit

This invertebrate kit holds seventeen fascinating samples ideal for studying invertebrates, shells, or ocean life. There is also one vertebrate (seahorse) in the kit for comparison. It comes with ideas for using the kit in the classroom.     Suggested grade(s): 3+
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Basic Mineral Test Kit

This kit contains the materials necessary to perform streak tests, hardness tests, and other tests. It also contains descriptions of how to use the included materials.      Suggested grade(s): 4+
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Hardness Kit

The determination of the hardness of a mineral can be an important step toward its identification. Over a century ago, Friedrich Mohs made up a scale of hardness. This scale is still in use today, and this kit contains the minerals necessary to test other rocks.     Suggested grade(s): 4+
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