Brain Bender I Dice Game

Use this set of six 0-9 dice to play a stimulating math game requiring addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.



Suggested grade(s): 4+


A set of six dice can be used to play Brain Bender I, a challenging math game, requiring addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Game Directions

This game needs at least six dice. This game can be played with more dice, but it may make the solutions too easy. Using fewer dice will result in impossible situations with no solution.

Before rolling the dice, select one die to be the answer die. For this example, the black die will be the answer die.

Roll the dice. All five of the other dice must be used in the solution. The numbers may be used in any order, but each number must be used exactly once.

The numbers may be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided. Parentheses, squares, square roots or any other mathematical function may be used. Note: It is seldom necessary to do more than add, subtract, multiply, or divide to find a solution. Older children who have had algebra may enjoy using more advanced functions to find a more difficult solution.

Some Simple Solutions

7 minus 4 minus 3 plus 8 plus 1

(8 minus 7) plus (4 minus 3) plus 7

An Advanced Solution

the square root of 4 plus the cube root of 8 plus (7 minus 3 plus 1)

Brain Bender I Dice Game


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Suggested Grades
6 dice, instructions included
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