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Fraction Bundle

 The Fraction Bundle contains:

  • Fraction Finders
  • Improper Fraction Kit (Foam)
  • Fraction Pack



Suggested grade(s): 4-6


This pack contains


Fraction Finders presents fraction exercises that have fun as the common denominator! Each page features 14 to 18 skill-building fraction problems. After students have solved all the equations, the answers provide color-coded clues for revealing the secret name of an animal hidden in the coordinate grid. A unique and fresh approach to fraction practice; great for students who enjoy visual feedback.

Paperback. 48 pages. Reproducible.


Improper Fraction Kit - Each set consists of 75 pieces made from finger-friendly foam: 1 whole, 3 halves, 4 thirds, 6 fourths, 7 fifths, 9 sixths, 12 eighths, 15 tenths and 18 twelfths. A 25-page booklet of explanations and exercises is included.

This kit is a great teaching tool for introducing improper fractions and mixed numbers. The abundance of pieces also makes the kit ideal for illustrating borrowing and carrying with fractions.

Circles are 4 inches in diameter. Each kit comes in a resealable bag for easy storage.


Fraction Pack - These dice help provide variety when learning about fractions. The set includes suggestions for helping a child with fraction dice, dice for sixths, eighths, tenths, an addition and subtraction die and a multiplication and division die. The dice are 16 mm.

This package contains:

2 tenth dice
2 eighth dice
2 sixth dice
1 addition and subtraction die 
1 multiplication and division die
directions and suggestions and worksheets

See the Dice Idea Book for many ideas for teaching fractions using these dice.


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