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Summer Book 1 Reading Challenge Bundle

The Summer Book 1 Reading Challenge Bundle contains:

  • Summer Book 1
  • Reading Comprehension 1



Suggested grade(s): K


This pack contains


Summer Book 1 is for students entering first grade. In just one page per day, students thoroughly review math, English language arts including writing, thinking skills, and reading comprehension. A complete answer key is located at the back of the book and may be easily removed.

The top half of each page reviews math concepts. The bottom half of each page reviews phonics concepts. Thinking skills or very simple reading comprehension exercises are on the back of each page. The book includes fifty daily pages and a complete answer key located at the back of the book which may be removed easily.

Paperback. 64 pages.



Some of the math concepts reviewed are:

  • counting by ones and fives
  • adding one digit numbers
  • recognizing shapes
  • completing patterns
  • writing numbers that come before and after


Some of the phonics concepts reviewed are:

  • upper and lowercase letters
  • letter sounds
  • rhyming words
  • initial, middle and final sounds in words
  • recognizing short and long vowel words


BONUS!  Play I Spy all summer as you locate the special item on each page on either the front or the back cover and improve visual attention to detail.



Reading Comprehension 1 contains over 100 pages of varied reading comprehension activities allow a child to practice a wide variety of comprehension skills. Eight units with multiple exercises and challenges teach and drill such skills as vocabulary, same and different, classifying, rhyming, sequencing, and following directions.

Paperback. 128 pages.


Data sheet

Suggested Grades
Write-in Workbook
No. of Pages
Summer Book-128, reading comp.-128
Answer Key
In Book
Reproducible: Summer Book-no
reading book-no
Dimension: Length (in.)
Dimension: Width (in.)
Dimension: Depth (in.)
Weight (lb.)



Sample pages for Summer Book 1

Download (806.12k)


Sample pages for Reading Comprehension 1

Download (84.42k)