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Telling Time Bundle

The Telling Time Bundle contains:

  • Step-by-Step Math: Telling Time
  • 4" Geared Clock



Suggested grades: 1 - 2


This pack contains


Step-by-Step Math: Telling Time teaches your child/students how to tell time by going in order around the clock! Offering "step-by-step" instruction and lots of varied and interesting practice, this book will guide students to mastery of both digital and analog clocks. While a cut-out clock is included, you are highly encouraged to provide each child/student with a geared clock so that the movement of the hour hand can be observed as the minute hand is rotated.  

Wirebound. 128 pages.  Reproducible.

Table of Contents  
  • How to use this book
  • Telling Time
  • Time to the Hour
  • Two Kinds of Clocks
  • Time to Five After
  • Time to Ten After
  • Noon and Midnight
  • Time to Fifteen After
  • AM and PM
  • Time to Twenty After
  • Telling Time - Later
  • Time to Twenty-Five After
  • Telling Time - Later
  • Time to Thirty After
  • Telling Time - How Long?
  • Time to Thirty-Five After
  • Telling Time - Earlier
  • Time to Forty After
  • Telling Time - After and To 
  • Time to Forty-Five After
  • Quarter After and Quarter To
  • Time to Fifty After
  • Telling Time - Later
  • Time to Fifty-Five After
  • Telling Time Without Numbers
  • Answer Key


A Note from the Author

When I taught first grade, most math books taught time to the hour, then the half hour, then a quarter after, a quarter to and then all the other times. My students, who were accustomed to digital clocks, were confused as the minute hand seemed to jump all around the clock and the hour hand apparently moved randomly in the space between numbers.

After several years of difficulty and frustration, I decided to teach telling time in order around the clock. I made sure everyone could count by fives easily. We started with the hour, then five after, etc. By the time we were at twenty after, most students had caught on and could tell almost any time. The biggest problem was a time such as 8:55 where the hour hand was almost on the nine. I explained that in five minutes it would be 9:00, but since it wasn't 9:00 yet, it had to still be eight something.

Hopefully, the order and logical progression of the pages in this book will make learning to tell time very easy for those you are teaching.


Angela Ankers


4" Geared Clock - Engage individual students in time-telling activities with these geared clocks. Color-coded hour and minute functions hands assist students in telling time with hours and minutes. The gears in the clock cause the hour hand to rotate correctly as the minute hand is moved.


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