Solving Problems 3

Solving Problems 3 helps students focus on specific math concepts needed for the school years ahead.  And because the book features bright, colorful activities, your students are sure to have fun!



Suggested grade(s): 3


Solving Problems 3 helps students focus on specific math concepts needed for the school years ahead.  Offering 80 pages of full-color activities, easy-to-follow directions, and complete answer key, children will get the extra practice they need while having fun learning to solve problems.  The major areas covered are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

Paperback. 80 pages.


Table of Contents

Fishy Addition
Addition Ace
Sum Path
Falling Leaves
Hitting the Addition Target
Picnic Problems
Stay on Track
Jungle Math
Crystal Ball
Subtraction Maze
It's Magic
Add and Subtract Story
Story Problems with
Juggling Fun
Vacation Time
Money Measures
Money Matters
Talk Isn't Cheap
Top of the World
Addition and Subtraction Families
Rebuilding the Pyramid
Opposites Assist
Use Your Head
Quick Kick Soccer
Gold, Silver, and Bronze
Count the Legs!
Count by Groups
Picture This
Soccer Skills
Sky High with Multiplication
Multiplying and Regrouping
Sailing Through Multiplication
Three-Digit Regrouping
Four-Digit Regrouping
Amazing Arms
Backward Multiplication
Same Size Sets
Numbers in the Groups
Jersey Division
Fishing for Quotients
Multiplication and Division
Missing Numbers
Lizzy the Lizard Bags
     her Bugs
Two-Digit Quotients
Three-Digit Quotients
Drop In
Zeros in the Quotients
Four-Digit Quotients
     with Remainders
To Catch a Butterfly
Which Problem Is Correct?
What Should I Do?
A Part of the Whole
Fraction Measures
Star Gazing
Just Part
It's the Same
More Fraction
Fraction Among Things
Fraction Around You
Beautiful Packages
Adding Fraction
Busy Bees
Subtracting Fractions
Alligator Problems
Reduce the Fat
Answer Key

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