Summer Book 6

Summer Book 6 is for students entering the sixth grade. In just one page per day, students thoroughly review math, English language arts including writing, thinking skills, and reading comprehension. The book includes fifty days of review and an answer key.



Suggested grade(s): 5


Summer Book 6 is for students entering the sixth grade. In just one page per day, students thoroughly review math, English language arts including writing, thinking skills, and reading comprehension.

A complete answer key is located at the back of the book and may be easily removed.The top half of each page reviews math concepts. The bottom half of each page reviews language concepts. There are thinking skills or reading comprehension exercises on the back of each page. The book includes fifty daily pages and a complete answer key located at the back of the book which may be removed easily.

Paperback. 128 pages.

Some of the math concepts reviewed are: Some of the English concepts reviewed are:
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and measures
  • finding the lowest common multiple
  • graphing
  • working with prime numbers
  • converting measures
  • solving word problems
  • rounding numbers
  • using divisibility rules
  • factoring numbers
  • converting Roman numerals
  • identifying plane geometry terms
  • writing numbers from words
  • using greater than and less than symbols
  • common and proper nouns
  • adjectives, pronouns, adverbs
  • prepositions, conjunctions
  • identifying subjects and parts of speech
  • action, linking and helping verbs
  • present, past, present participle and past participle verbs
  • diagramming
  • types of sentences
  • writing sentences and paragraphs
  • synonyms, antonyms, homonyms
  • possessive words
  • punctuation, capitalization
  • singular and plural
  • letter writing
  • dictionary usage, accented syllables
  • outlining
  • optional book report

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Summer Book 6 Bargain Bundles offer extra academic help. The Summer Book will provide a thorough cross-curriculum review.  The second book will help a student to work on reading, math, or thinking skills. In a challenge bundle, the extra book is more difficult, challenging a student to push further and learn even more.  In a catch-up bundle, the extra book provides additional review and teaching for a weak area.  Bargain Bundles offer a group of items at a discount.

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