My child needs a great summer bridge between grades.

In only one page per day, Summer Books provide a thorough math review as well as daily practice in language arts, reading comprehension, writing, and thinking skills. The upper elementary grades also include science, history, health and social studies giving your child a well-rounded review.  Summer Books are an excellent summer bridge between grades.

Unlike computer-based reviews, a Summer Book can travel with your student to grandma's house, the beach or the mountains.  Math review or reading comprehension can even be done in the back seat of the car!

Some summer skills review books are almost $20 per subject!  Summer Books review all subjects for only $13.95!

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Has your child struggled with reading comprehension or math?

Search by subject or by grade to locate just the right materials to help your child conquer a difficult subject.  All our products have been selected by experienced teachers to help students conquer challenging concepts and excel in school. 

Is your child ready to move ahead?

Summerbook Co. offers many books and hands-on materials designed to stimulate students who are ready for an additional math or reading comprehension challenges. We also have a variety of materials for additional STEM learning.  If you have questions, please chat with us by phone, online, or via email.